Ready, set, shape!

Make yourself your made-to-measure hat. I will be your guide during the whole creation process to make sure that you can realise the hat of your dreams.

You will discover the fantastical universe of the MiniMe Chapellerie. In our award winning, 3 story high, atelier you will learn about me, Arsene – the madhatter, as well as Alice my partner & sister brand.

  • During the workshop you will do the following:

  • In our rose garden and Around a cup of tea or a glass of wine, learn about this history of hat-making

  • Chose main elements of your hat by selection the wooden shape, material and colours you will like.

  • Heat is building up, its time warm the felt with steam

  • Show us your muscle and pull on the felt alongside the wooden shape and start discovering the outline of your hat

  • It’s time to become a sculptor, whether Rodin or Michelangelo, transform the raw material and sculpt it with your hands & tools   

  • It’s time to bake your hat & dry it it our oven to remove all the humidity we created during the steaming process

  • Let your imagination go wild and embellish your hat with ribbons, scarfs, buttons, embroideries or feathers. Do whatever inspires you.

  • Personalize your hat and sign it with your own hand, just like an art piece. You can put your name inside as well as a secret message.

  • Quickly, we need to use the sewing machine to finish assembling the hat.

  • Prepare the scissors! We will now cut the brim and reveal the final shape

  • Smile, its time for your souvenir picture to remember that special day and share it with friend

Do you want to gift this experience to someone else? My workshop is the perfect gift idea. With my most beautiful handwriting, I will send to the person of your choice, a magical gift card with your message. You will be able to share with him or her this exceptional moment and let them make themselves the hat of their dreams.

They can choose the most suitable date for them. Sounds good? Simply check our gift ideas on this link.


Come! Here is how you can book a workshop

Your hat is only one form away. You will soon be able to realise the hat of your dreams.





ALREADY 500 clients ! What an Honor!

I can’t wait to share this experience with you. I want to put a mile on our face and of course a hat on your head!

I loves Marie’s workshop ! (…) A definite must if you are looking for something that’s not so average to do in Paris.
— Kelsey, Minnesota
Acceuille au top par Marie et jean ! L’atelier est dépayasant et plein de mystères ! Quelques heures qu’on ne voir pas passer et vous ressortez avec une pépite à vous mettre sur la tête ! A peine sortis qu’on y retournerait déjà !
— Yohan, Paris
Amazing workshop ! Marie is such a wonderful person. (…) I’ve had a great time and was able to make an amazing head.
— Kim, Pays-Bas
C’est merveilleux d’apprendre à fabriquer un chapeau et d’avoir la fierté de pouvoir le porter ensuite, d’autant plus que le résultat est professionnel
— Sophie, Anglet
By far, one of THE most fun things I’ve done in another country! It was an amazing experience from start to finish. (…) The finished product is an amazing piece that you can wear & remind you of a wonderful time in Paris. (…) Truly a unique, one of a kind, experience.
— Marie Cassandre, New Jersey
Super expérience au coeur de Paris dans un atelier à la déco dingue ! Accueil très chaleureux, très bonne ambiance (…). Hâte de recommencer !! Je le recommande VIVEMENT !!
— Flamina, Paris
This was a wonderful experience. Completely unique and really a incredible workshop location. My boyfriend and I had a great time making my own personalized hat from scratch with helpful and patient people that guided us along the way.
— Jessica, Afrique du sud
So. Much. Fun. I would recommend this to everyone traveling to Paris! The staff are so friendly and helpful. They help you from start to finish. DON’T GO TO PARIS WITHOUT DOING THIS!!!
— Ariel, Nevada
Great class hosted by Marie, I had a really great time and learned a lot. I would recommend this class to any couple traveling to Paris it was a lot of fun.
— Ian, Californie